Global Alliance

A terrible injustice was committed by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in multiple crimes against humanity on the Asian mainland and island nations of the Pacific during the War. To date the Japanese government has never formally acknowledged responsibility, nor has any offer of fair and just repayment to victims and families been offered.

This injustice is repeated day after day as the Japanese government and private Japanese institutions continue to deny their own history. The Global Alliance seeks to correct injustice and to restore peace and harmony among all nations of the Pacific.

We demand formal admission by the Japanese government that the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces, with full acknowledgment and complicity of Japanese Imperial rulers, committed war crimes and atrocities during the Pacific War 1931-1945. We demand that fair and just compensation for these crimes be given by the Japanese government to surviving victims, to their heirs, and to their families.

Unarmed Chinese victim of Japanese Imperial Army

Chinese fleeing from Japanese invaders
Among Japan's war crimes, unacknowledged and still largely unknown in the West:

30 million unarmed civilians murdered in China Repeated use of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction in China and Southeast Asia.

Tens of thousands tortured and murdered by Japan's Unit 731 to develop chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction Hundreds of thousands of Asians and Allied POWs enslaved to work to death.

A half-million young girls and women from Korea, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and elsewhere kidnapped to be sex slaves for the Japanese Imperial Army and to be raped daily for years.

Millions of POWs executed by the Japanese Imperial Army

And the infamous Rape of Nanjing, 300,000 murders, 80,000 rapes, buildings and homes looted and destroyed . . .
Japanese aerial bombing in China

narmed Chinese victim of Japanese beheading practice

Scenes from the Nanjing Memorial Museum

German Chancellor Willy Brandt begging Jewish people for forgiveness In Europe, Nazi Germany invaded and occupied its neighbors in pursuit of empire. In Asia, Imperial Japan invaded and occupied its neighbors in pursuit of empire. Germany has apologized to the victims of the European Holocaust and paid substantial sums to survivors and families. The Japanese government has to this day denied all responsibility for the Asian Holocaust, and has never offered just and fair compensation.

Following the end of the war in Europe, Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany traveled to Poland and visited the Warsaw Ghetto. There he got down on his knees and loudly begged the Jewish people for forgiveness. Germany has recovered her standing among civilized nations.
In sharp contrast, following the end of the war in Asia, high Japanese government officials pay ritualistic visits to the infamous Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo to worship the memory of violent thugs and sadistic killers. Here Premier Junichiro Koizumi pays a state visit to Yasukuni.

...Still no acknowledgement...Still no apology...Still no redress...Our demand:


For Justice and Peace